Social Responsibility

Odfjell depends on its professional, competent and safety-conscious personnel. We also depend on local communities in the countries where we operate.

For any company, a fundamental component of its success lies with the competence and attitude of its employees. For Odfjell – with our core business of storing and transporting some of the world’s most hazardous chemicals – a competent, professional and diligent workforce is possibly even more important for us than for any other business. It is a great responsibility, and the expertise of our crew on board and ashore is vital for Odfjell’s daily operations and success, today and in the future.

In line with our commitment to support and enhance our personnel’s competencies, we executed the following programs in 2017:

  • Odfjell Leadership Program
  • Implementation of Odfjell Diploma of Competence for Able-Bodied Seamen and Motormen
  • New Cargo Handling Course for Deck Management Level Officers (MLO)
  • Turbo charger and Introduction to Electronic Engine Course offered to Engine MLOs
  • Odfjell Tankers Commercial course for Masters and Chief Officers, both Filipino and North West Europeans
  • The Garret/Seastar Galley Management course completed by all cooks
  • Improved systems of collecting crew experience, feedback and suggestions for improvement

Supporting local communities

As an international shipping company, we operate and have stakeholders in all corners of the world. This global activity gives us a responsibility to always aim for excellence in sustainability and to ensure the trust of all our stakeholders. As part of our short- and long-term sustainability initiative, we promote a culture that meets the expectations of our stakeholders and respects the communities we operate in. 

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