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OTUS Multi-Year DT Program: A digital gamechanger for terminal operations

In 2021, Odfjell launched a comprehensive multi-year Digital Transformation program at our US terminals. The ambitious program aims to harness the latest technologies to help maintain the highest safety standards, boost efficiency, and provide a future-proof foundation for business scalability and growth. Almost two years into the project, the terminals already see significant operational benefits.

Odfjell Terminals Houston

Odfjell Terminals Houston is one of the most sophisticated chemical tank terminals in the world, and the hub for Odfjell’s global and regional trades to and from the US Gulf.

A paradigm shift 

A few years ago, “digital transformation” was just another business buzzword. Today, it’s a strategic imperative. An efficient IT platform is a competitive advantage, as time and quality of service are of the essence when contracts are awarded.  

John Blanchard, CEO Odfjell Terminals US states that

“This project is an all-encompassing change in the way OTUS does business. Not only are we enhancing and expanding current capabilities and phasing out old systems, but we are also focused on using these tools to better plan and execute as an organization.

Our employees have heavy ownership in the project’s implementation and as such will heavily contribute to its successful long-term sustainability. Our staff will greatly benefit from the efficiency improvements and in turn this project will provide our customers with a significantly improved customer experience.” 

Digital transformation
- an integral part of business performance 

The forerunner of the transformative project dates back to 2018 when an IT materiality assessment identified several improvement areas. A detailed assessment of overall business performance by a third party in 2019 confirmed the findings and triggered an overarching business improvement program. Investment in a new digital platform was a necessary enabler for OTUS to capture much of the benefits in that program.  

The DT project started by scoping and developing a number of tailored solutions in close collaboration with process owners, IT professionals, consultants, key stakeholders, and representatives from shareholders.  

Today, the implementation is well underway with several new modules already in place. This allows for new capabilities and enables optimized processes for key functional areas of the business.  

“We have already started reaping the benefits of the transformation through increased operational efficiency and improved insight. We are confident that our capital investments will generate attractive returns,” Managing Director of Odfjell Terminals, Adrian Lenning, said.  

Functional areas included in the digital transformation program: 

  • Terminal Management System (TMS) 
  • Procurement (P2P)  
  • Assets Management (CMMS)  
  • Datawarehouse & Business Analytics 
  • Organizational Change Management (OCM)  
  • Commercial & Sales (CRM) 
  • Finance & Controlling (FICO)  
  • Field Service Management (FSM) 

Paving the way toward improved working processes 

Before the implementation of the project, the majority of operational and administrative processes at OTUS were highly manual. Data capture was limited, and most of the documentation was done through numerous excel spreadsheets and paper forms.  

Now, workflows will become streamlined, safer and with fewer manual errors due to the implementation of digital tools. Tasks will be carried out more efficiently, leading to reduced costs. In addition, data collection will be highly automated.

The automation removes costly processes and results in higher productivity, better information accuracy, and improved governance/compliance.

Last but not least, the most important and welcomed result of all: Improved safety performance and increased Customer and employee satisfaction. 

The major digitalization project has been recognized by the information technology industry in the US, with IT Director Aldrich Varilla being named winner of the 2023 Houston Corporate ORBIE award

“Looking forward, success encourages further ambition. The digital transformation journey is more than a fixed project within a fixed timeframe – it’s a journey of continuous improvement that helps us reach new targets across all value streams, consistently, and with long-lasting results. We are committed to keep delivering world-class services, and to take on the challenges and opportunities of digitalization. The OTUS DT Project will serve as a model for our other terminals, as we pave the way for a more efficient future.”

Adrian Lenning, Managing Director Terminals 

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