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Recognizing the dedication of Odfjell's long-serving seafarers

At a recent gathering in Bergen, Sven Foyn-Bruun, VP Maritime Personnel, expressed his sincere gratitude to four colleagues who have reached a significant milestone of 25 years at Odfjell. In his heartfelt address, he commended the seafarers for carrying forward their skills and the company's culture to the next generation.

From top left: Francisco Colomer, Leone Villaflor, Ronaldo Aguila. Bottom, from left: Svend Foyn-Bruun, Eva Storeide, Ove Allan Tresvik, Torger Trige, Knut Erik Fredriksen. Photo: Liselotte Wedervang

“The loyalty demonstrated by the awardees is a testament to the exceptional character and dedication they embody”

Svend Foyn-Bruun, VP Maritime Personnel

The awardees' loyalty was recognized as an invaluable asset, making them the true ambassadors of the quality that Odfjell stands for. Foyn-Bruun presented the individual awards with a personal message for each recipient, as well as a brief history of their career at Odfjell.


Francisco Colomer, Captain
– 25 years

Colomer embarked on his journey with Odfjell on February 2, 1997, serving as a Deck Cadet aboard the Bow Panther. Throughout his career, he has navigated various vessels such as Bow Petros, Bow Heron, and Bow Leopard. Notably, his exceptional professionalism and positive attitude toward his colleagues led to his promotion to Chief Officer of Bow Cedar and Bow Flora in 2011. In 2016, he assumed the role of Captain, consistently showcasing hard work, reliability, and dependability.

Ronaldo Aguila, Chief Engineer – 25 years

Chief Engineer Ronaldo Aguila's journey began on December 11, 1997, when he joined as an Engine Cadet aboard the NCC Yamamah. He contributed his expertise on vessels like NCC Madinah, Bow Saphir, and NCC Riyad before serving as Chief Engineer on Bow Engineer and Bow Cecil, his most recent assignments. As a dedicated Management Level Officer, he is known for his profound sense of responsibility and enthusiasm towards his work.

Leone Villaflor, Second Engineer – 25 years

From starting his Odfjell career on November 17, 1996, as an Engine Cadet aboard Bow Sea, Villaflora has demonstrated unwavering commitment and consistency throughout his journey. Villaflor's dedication to his responsibilities is commendable, with stints on vessels like NCC Najran, NCC Jouf, Bow Century, Bow Aquarius, and Bow Prosper. In June 2015, he was rightfully promoted to Second Engineer, and he continues to approach his work with professionalism and unwavering dedication.

Ove Allan Tresvik, Pumpman
– Gold Watch

Pumpman Ove Allan Tresvik embarked on his Odfjell career in 1984 as a wiper on board Bow Sea. He diligently served as an OS and AB on Bow Pioneer and as a motorman on Bow Fagus. In October 1994, he assumed the role of Pumpman on NCC Jizan, sailing on several different ships, including Bow Fortune, Bow Flora, Bow Century, Bow Facour, Bow Chain, Bow Faith, Bow Firda, Bow Victor, Bow Sea, Bow Cecil, Bow Fortune, and currently on Bow Star. With an impressive tenure of over 25 years, Tresvik's unwavering commitment and faithful service to Odfjell have earned him the esteemed recognition of receiving the gold watch. As his plus one, Tresvik brought his daughter Aurora Tresvik Hukset.

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